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Gateway of Heritage-Interpretation Center
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Dalarna Media Arena_ADEPT+Sou Fujimoto Architects
36 The Calls_Fletcher Crane Architects
The Vanishing Mosque_Rux Design

Sustainable from Traditional Motive
Haesley Nine Bridges Club House_KyeongSik Yoon, KACI International + Shigeru Ban, Shigeru Ban Architects
Green Roof and Living Walls
Adelaide Zoo; Entrance Precinct and Giant Panda Forest_HASSELL

Digital Tectonics; Advanced Computational Design and Making

Digital Tectonics, Technologies and Processes of the Advanced Computational Design and Production in Architecture_MyungHo Lee
Clarity through Constraints_Scott Cahill
Oktha Center Tower
Exploration to Realization through Parametric Techniques_Andrew Edge
Aviva Stadium
Olympique Lyonnais Stadium
Monterrey Football Club Stadium
Hopkins Architects
Pragmatic Parametrics_Andrew Shaw
MCA Pune International Cricket Center
Form and Algorithm_Advanced Geometry Group
Tall Tree and the Eye
Weave Bridge
Evening Line, Morning Line
Taichung Opera House
Adams Kara Taylor
Structure as Distribution: Re-engineering Design_Sawako Kaijima + Panagiotis Michalatos
UK Pavilion
REN Building
Aedas R&D
Whole Life Design Integration - Fabrication, Carbon, Cost_Josh Mason + Abdulmajid Karanouh
Tall Building Simulation Model
Abu Dhabi Investment Council
Expedition Engineering
Putting Natural Evolution to Work_Fred Labbé
Canopy Roof for the New Santa Maria del Pianto Underground Station
Sculpting with the System_Jonathan Rabagliati
Retail and Park Development above the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Urban How >
Island Definition

Island Definition_Michele Stramezzi
Minimalist House_Shinichi Ogawa & Associates / Urbanist & Architect
House in Hiro_Suppose Design Office
Slit House_Eastern Design Office

Gateway of Heritage - Interpretation Center

Gateway of Heritage_Silvio Carta
Mapungubwe Interpretation Center_Peter Rich Architects
Niyang River Visitor Center_Standardarchitecture
Volubilis Visitor Center_Kilo Architectures
Salburúa Nature Interpretation Center_QVE Arquitectos
French River Visitor Center_Baird Sampson Neuert Architects
Interpretation and Research Center for the Tera, Esla and Órbigo Rivers_José Juan Barba Arquitectos

Digital Tectonics; Advanced Computational Design and Making

Digital Tectonics, Technologies and Processes of the Advanced Computational Design and Production in Architecture
During the last decades, we have seen the Computer Aided Design (CAD) system impact on conceptual design process in architecture especially in the area of 3D modelling and visualization. In addition there is a paradigm shift that using CAD system becomes more possible to develop the process of architecture as generative design, various 3D simulations and building information management (BIM) of it. Recent emergence of advanced computation software has been produced to deal with geometrically free forms. Many digital conceived projects are characterized by this fascination of the free-form geometry and its fabrication. In the essays subjected to digital tectonics, each contributor from five architect firms (Foster + Partners, RMJM, Hopkins Architects, Populous, and Aedas) and three engineer firms (Arup, Adams Kara Taylor, and Expedition Engineering) in UK focus on writing of the recent their development of advanced computation programs for enhancing the practice of architecture and engineer to respond the various tasks such as generative design, structural and environmental performance simulation, fabrication and construction of architecture.
Written by MyungHo Lee

Gateway of Heritage - Interpretation Center

Gateway of Heritage
Interpretation centers are empty buildings. Or in other words, they contain something that cannot be appreciated at first glance ‑ something that requires time and curiosity to be understood. In this un-immediateness of visible content lies the main role of interpretation centers. They house that immaterial substance that might be referred to as local knowledge. They contain nothing but a résumé of what surrounds them. They exist in relation to the importance of a given context. Moreover, their importance (or their needfulness) comes to light only after people have become aware of the interest of a certain place. The reason for interpretation centers is then in a way subject to a locale or a local history. Furthermore, as they are always born a posteriori with respect to the place, they will never create a new place.
Written by Silvio Carta