Meaning of Regionalism
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TYIN tegnestue
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Forte of Essential
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Interactive Urban Lighting
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Astana National Library / BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group
Light Voids - Miami 2009 Pier Museum / Rael San Fratello Architects
Ferry Terminal in Maó/ F451 Arquitectura
The Light of Thousands Years - Goma Art Complex Center / DOSHIIN Architecture

Meaning of Regionalism
Meaning of Regionalism / Silvio Carta
Hotel Tierra Atacama / FG Arquitectos
Pachacamac Hill House / Longhi Architects
Glenburn House / Sean Godsell Architects
JZ House / Bernardes + Jacobsen Arquitetura
XiangShan Campus, China Academy of Art / Amateur Architecture Studio
Lakeshore View House / Bedmar & Shi Designers

TYIN tegnestue
TYIN tegnestue / EunYoung Jeong
Soe Ker Tie House 
Safe Haven Library and Bathhouse
Old Market Library

Forte of Essential
Essential Architecture / Stefano Tesotti
WISA Wooden Design Hotel / Pieta - Linda Auttila
NG House / Arquitectos Anónimos? & VA Studio
Box House / Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato
Wooden Church in Tarnów / BETON
Teahouse in the Garden / A1 Architects
Farewell Chapel / OFIS arhitekti

Interactive Urban Lighting
Interactive Urban Lighting / Marta González Antón
Living Light / The Living
Pump Station at Cologne / Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA
Moodwall / Studio Klink
Lichtraum Kunstplatz Karlsplatz / Victoria Coeln
fLUX, Binary Waves / LAb[au]
Touch / LAb[au]
Array / United Visual Artists
Bubbles / Fox Lin

카자흐스탄의 새 국립도서관 / BIG-뱌르케 잉겔스 그룹
마이애미 해변의 부두 박물관 / 라엘 산 프라텔로 아키텍츠
마오 항만의 여객터미널 / F451 아르키떽뚜라
천년의 빛-고마복합예술센터 / 종합건축사사무소 도시인

지역주의의 의미
지역주의의 의미 / 실비오 까르따
아타카마의 티에라 호텔 / FG 아르키텍토스
파차카막 언덕의 주택 / 론기 아키텍츠
글렌번 주택 / 씬 가드셀 아키텍츠
JZ 주택 / 베르나르드스 + 쟈꼽센 아르키떼뚜라
중국 예술학교 샹산 캠퍼스 / 아마추어 아키텍처 스튜디오
호수가 보이는 집 / 베드마르 & 쉬 디자이너스

티인 테그네스튜에 / 정은영
노보의 나비 집 고아원
반다송양의 고아원 도서관과 목욕탕
민부리 시장터 도서관

최소한의 건축
본질적 건축 / 스테파노 떼소띠
WISA 나무 호텔 / 피에타-린다 아우틸라
NG 목조 컨테이너 주택 / 아르키텍토스 아노니모스?& VA 스튜디오
별장 관리인의 집 / 알란 츄 & 크리스티아노 카토
타르노프의 나무 옷을 입은 교회 / 베톤
정원 속 일본식 찻집 / A1 아키텍츠
류블랴나의 영결식장 / 오피스 아르히텍티

쌍방향의 도시조명
쌍방향의 도시조명 / 마르따 곤잘레스 안톤
서울 월드컵공원의 리빙라이트 / 더 리빙
쾰른의 양수시설 / 카스파 크래머 아키텍텐 BDA
암스테르담의 무지개 벽 / 스튜디오 클린크
카를광장의 예술조명 / 빅토리아 쾰른
생 드니의 빛의 물결 / LAb[au]
벨기에 덱시아 타워조명 / LAb[au]
츄야 나카하라 기념관의 빛의 숲 / 유나이티드 비주얼 아티스츠
로스엔젤레스의 풍선나무 / 폭스 린

Meaning of Regionalism

Meaning of Regionalism
In 1932, when Philip Johnson and Henry Russell Hitchcock were curating the Modern Architecture: International Exhibition, at the NY's MoMA with their accompanying book,The International Style: Architecture since 1922, they would never have thought that the world would change so much. Trust in industrialized mass-production techniques, combined with the belief that all the natural resources would last forever have noticeably changed the thinking about architecture. They created a design approach which was not based on the in loco resources. From the International Style on, architects have felt liberated from the limitations of location, history of the place, or even typology. Industrial development has encouraged designers to introduce new materials and more innovative technical solutions to their buildings. Issues like light exposition or climate will no longer represent a main design topic. From the 1940s on, Europe and the USA saw the internationalization of architectural practice. This elevated the level of architectural culture.
Written by Silvio Carta

TYIN tegnestue

TYIN tegnestue
Nowadays, humanism is one of the most discussed topics in the world. Despite the criticism and skepticism that people uphold human rights as if it is a religion even though they are not sure what exactly it means, and that humanism is only a political panacea, nothing touches our heart like humanism. However, what moves our heart is not the discourse on human rights, but the acts for human rights in the world. TYIN is a classic example of organizations that moves us with its humanitarian activity.
TYIN tegnestue defines itself as a "non-profit organization that realizes humanism through construction". More specifically, it is an organization that builds houses for those in abject poverty. However, it is different from Habitat, as it is a body of construction experts. Henry David Thoreau deplored that human beings are slowly losing their ability to build their home by themselves, in his book "Walden", the so called "Bible" among environmentalists. ..............
Written by EunYoung Jeong