Sense of Place
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Command a fine View Platform
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Designing in Teheran, Benetton / Iodice Architetti
Culture Forest - SeongDong Culture & Art Center / YoonGyoo Jang + ChangHoon Shin + UnSangDong Architects
Jordanék Music Hall / Menis Arquitectos
Museum Style Park / Fabbricanove
Almere 2030 / MVRDV

Sense of Place
Sense of Place / SungGil Lee
JS Bach Chamber Music Hall / Zaha Hadid Architects
Retreat Exhibition / UN Studio
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2009 / SANAA

Command a fine View Platform
Command a fine View Platform / HyeWon Shin
Bird Watching Tower in Graswarder / von Gerkan, Marg and Partner 
Top of Tyrol / Aste Architecture
National Tourist Routes Projects / 70˚N Arkitektur
Kielder Observatory / Charles Barclay Architects
Landmark in Lausitzer Seenland / Architektur & Landschaft
Viewing Tower in Reusel / Ateliereen Architecten
MK40 Tower in Milton Keynes / dRMM Architects

Nine Apparatuses / François Roche
Terra Incognita

테헤란의 베네통 / 이오디체 아르키떼띠
문화의 숲 - 성동문화예술회관 /
장윤규 + 신창훈 + 운생동건축
요르다넥 음악당 / 메니스 아르키텍토스
미술관과 공원 / 파브리까노베
2030년 알미르 도시계획 / MVRDV

장소 만들기
장소 만들기 / 이성길
바흐의 실내악을 위한 음악당 / 자하 하디드 아키텍츠
'은신처'를 위한 전시장 / UN 스튜디오
2009 서펜타인 갤러리 파빌리온 / SANAA

전망을 고안하다
전망을 고안하다 / 신혜원
그라스바르더의 새 관찰 타워 / 폰 게칸, 마크 앤 파트너
알프스 티롤의 전망대 / 아스떼 아키텍쳐
여행자를 위한 세 개의 전망대 / 70˚N 아키텍투르
킬더 천문대 / 찰스 바클레이 아키텍츠
라우지처의 랜드마크 타워 / 아르히텍투어 & 란트샤프트
루젤의 전망대 / 아틀리에인 아키텍튼
밀턴 케인즈의 MK40 타워 / dRMM 아키텍츠

아홉 개의 장치들 / 프헝스와 호쉬
내가 들은 이야기
일곱 가지 바이오 로봇
최면의 방
괴사하는 건물
올즈웩 미술관
미지의 땅
숨어 있는 집
알프스 물 연구소
녹색 괴물
총알이 지나간 집
뒤엉킨 집
숲 속 그물 별장
얼기설기 얽은 다리
끝없는 끝 있는 끝없는

Command a fine View Platform

Command a fine View Platform
We always have a desire to escape from daily life. The getaway does not necessarily mean something huge. Sometimes just being a bystander away from the main role is enough. The observation tower plays the audience seat, offering an opportunity to become a "spectator" Therefore, it can serve as an exit from daily life in itself as people can look out across or from it.
Looking Out
The "Bird Watching Tower in Graswarder" is located in a natural bird habitat at the Baltic seaside in Germany. The tower, made of wood with diagonal bracing, resembles a bird that looks up to the sky sitting on vast land. The material and shape make this artificial construction look as part of nature. Visitors can observe birds as being part of nature.
"Top of Tyrol" is stretched towards snowy landscape in the Great Isidor in Austria. The observation tower is fused in snow as a part of landscape. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Mother Nature, in harmony with the landscape.
"Kielder Observatory" in Britain is to look up to the sky. The building appears to be a boat that navigates between Kielder Water and Forest Park. During the day, visitors can look down the surrounding views from the deck. At night, the rotated turrets and opened shutters transformed the building with telescopes in it into a dynamic machine.
by HyeWon Shin


Nine Apparatuses
To define how relationship strategies articulate knowledge and simultaneously articulate themselves.
Planning and self-organization
These two contrasting pictures illustrate two opposite systems of organization, the master plan of Hypodamos de Millet and the unpredictable growth of a sponge. Both are driven by algorithms and genetic commands, but one is fully predictable, a self-enclosed system, while the other is open-source, re-adaptable, reprogrammable, dependant on the mutation of the environment and all the inputs constitutive of its own mutation... One is criminally proud of its ability to "masterplan" a system of control, of individual and collective surveillance, to quote Michel Foucault; the other paradigm accepts taking risks, both political and aesthetic, to "open source" in the movement going to be done as an "endlessnesslessness".
The day after and dreamtimen
Two representations of time - NASA with a Dream Time effect by the 「2001 A Space Odyssey」 for Promethean Research, and the CIA with a Day After feeling by 「A Clockwork Orange」 for Torture Knowledge. The notion of time is a blur - the arrow spins back and forth between both directions. We cannot deny that the future is a sensation from the past, old and nostalgic. Thus the future cannot be the future, but something else, with another name, or with no name.
Written by François Roche