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Back to the Waterfront lll

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On the Board
CPC Sports Center / RRC Architetti Studio
Changbaishan / DnA_Beijing

Brut Deluxe
Interview _Dreaming with the Lights on / Carlos Pedro Sant't Ana + Brut Deluxe
Calle Alcalá+ Puerta de Alcalá Madrid
Barrio de las Letras, Madrid
Snow, Paseo de Recoletos 05 / 06, Madrid
River, Paseo de Recoletos 06 / 07, Madrid
Mist, Gran Via 05 / 06, Madrid
Clouds, Gran Via 06 / 07, Madrid
Christmas Trees, Madrid
Night Fair at Cortijo de Torres, Maria la Faraona
Night Fair at Cortijo de Torres, Bulevar
Access Gateway to the Center Fair
EDP Lisbon
Bandeira Light Art Project
Kiosk M.Poli
Plaza de la Luna

I Memorial
Remembering Together : 5 Recent Memorials / Kieran Long
Women in the Memory / Ofiscina de Arquitectura
Memorial to Victims of Communism / Sporadical
Women's Jail Precinct in Johannesburg / Kate Otten Architects
11 March Memorial for the Victims /
FAM Arquitectura y Urbanismo SLP
Mountains of Remembrance / NagaConcepts(Thailand)Co.,Ltd + Disc-o Architecture
Nobel Peace Center / David Adjaye

Back to the Waterfront lll
Hangang Renaissance
Yeouido Riverside Park Design Competition

International Project Competition for Government Complex in MAC

CPC 스포츠 센터 / RRC 건축스튜디오
창바이산 / DnA 베이징

브루트 들룩스
 _새콤달콤 떫떠름 / 카를로스 페드로 산타나 +
브루트 들룩스
알칼라 거리와 알칼라 개선문
바리오 드 라 레트라스
눈 : 레코레토스 거리 05 / 06
강 : 레코레토스 거리 06 / 07
안개 : 그랑비아 05 / 06
구름 : 그랑비아 06 / 07
크리스마스 트리
코르티조 드 토레스 야시장, 마리아 라 파라오나
코르티조 드 토레스 야시장, 불레바
라리오스 거리의 중앙 박람회 출입문
EDP 리스본 사옥
반데이라 조명 예술 프로젝트
엠폴리 가판대
루나 광장

변환기의 메모리얼 건축
_그땐 우리들이 있었다. / 키어런 롱
정치적 탄압으로 희생된 여성 수감자들을 위한 기념비 / 오피시나 드 아키텍투라
공산주의에 의한 희생자들을 위한 기념비 / 스포라디컬
요하네스버그 여성 교도소 / 케이트 오튼 아키텍츠
3월 11일 희생자들을 위한 추모관 / 팜 아키텍투라
추모의 산 / 나가컨셉츠 + 디스크오 아키텍쳐
노벨 평화 센터 / 데이비드 아드자예

21세기 도시의 선택, 워터프론트 III
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행정중심복합도시 정부청사 1단계 건립 국제설계경기

Brut Deluxe

The architectural office co-established by Ben Busche of Germany and Isabel Barbas of Portugal is called "Brut Deluxe" - "Brut" referring to an extra dry wine with sugar content of less than 1 percent, and the opposite concept of ¡°Deluxe¡± referring to magnificent and luxuriant beauty. The formative basis of the work by "Brut Deluxe" is the harmonic synthesis of the artistic and sensual Latin focus with the technical and scientific Nordic philosophy.

The city of Madrid, which serves as the locus of activity for the two architects, flows with the fragrance of passion, culture, and the arts and maintains its historical old city panorama even to this day. To the east of Madrid is the Parque Retiro, which was a vast garden-park of the royal palace of the seventeenth century. Situated nearby in the Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Square) is the Puerta de Alcala (Alcala Gate), which was erected by Carlos III as a monumental gate and exhibits the sophistication and grandeur typical of the classic architectural form.

At the intersection of the Paseo de Recoletos and the Gran Via, which flows from the old city district to the Puerta de Alcala, is a brilliant light display for the Christmas season. The display, which was set up by Brut Deluxe, is an effort by the team to share with the people of the city their experiences and memories of winter through lights inspired by the cold weather, snowflakes flying around, and images of Christmas scenery. As this city enters into the season of celebration, a symphony of dazzling lights decorates the sophisticated old-city streets with a brilliant and beautiful display.

While these illumination projects in Madrid helps to light up the winter and Christmas nights, another illuminations by Brut Deluxe in the port city of Malaga in southern Spain decorates the summer nights with a different kind of brilliance. As one of the eight cities of Andalucia that were dominated by Islam in the past, it is easy to find tiles and decorations depicting traditional Islamic patterns in Malaga. The light display set up by Brut Deluxe here actively reflects this regional sentiment of Malaga, and the lights that surround the wide plaza in the Bulevar area also conceptualize the traditional Islamic patterns.
by YuMi Hyun

I Memorial

Tragedies have occurred throughout history. Political disturbances as well as natural disasters and epidemics have been the unavoidable fate of human beings. Tragic events have claimed many innocent people and left deep wounds that cannot be healed. To ensure that those sacrifices were not in vain, we have had to ruminate on the past so that those events would not repeat themselves. That is the reason for memorials. But is contemporary memorial design still effective when grief is more subjective than ever before?

Kieran Long, a British architectural critic, in his following essay insists that memorial design is undergoing a crisis, citing in particular Felix Gonzales-Torres' work exhibited at the Art Biennale in Venice last year. His review on five recent memorial projects adds up to his assertion. by YuMi Hyun