Exploring the Divergent Forces of Swiss Architecture
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New Community Library
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Exploring the Divergent Forces of Swiss Architecture
Exploring the Divergent Forces of Swiss Architecture _ Anna Roos
New Concrete House in Caviano_Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architect
JS' Barn_Alp' Architecture
Refugi Lieptgas_Selina Walder + Georg Nickisch Tegia da vaut in Domat/Ems_Gion A. Caminada
House in Balsthal_Pascal Flammer
Rotsee Finish Tower_Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten
Swiss Ornithological Institute Visitor Center_mlzd
Swiss National Museum Extensio Zurich_Christ & Gantenbein

New Community Library
Planning the New Library_Tom van Malderen
Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos_Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
Central Library in Saint-Just Saint-Rambert_Gautier+Conquet
Constitucion Public Library_Sebastian Irarrazaval
Seashore Library_Vector Architects

스위스 건축의 힘
스위스 건축의 힘 _ 아나 로스
카비아노의 새 돌집_웨스피 드 뫼론 로메오 아키텍츠
사헤예 마을의 오두막_알프 아키텍쳐
플림스 숲의 오두막_니키쉬 발터
도맷 엠스의 숲 속 오두막_지온 A. 카미나다
발스탈 주택_파스칼 플라머
호트 호수 결승탑_안드레아스 푸리만 개브리엘 헤이흘러 아키텍튼
젬파흐 호수의 스위스 조류협회 관측소_mlzd
스위스 국립박물관 증축_크라이스트 앤 간텐베인

사랑방 도서관
동네 도서관의 재발견 _ 톰 반 말데렌
미나노모리 복합미디어도서관_도요 이토 앤 어쏘시에이츠, 아키텍츠
생-쥐스트 생-헝베흐 중앙 도서관_고띠에 + 꽁꾸에
꼰스띠뚜시온 도서관_세바스티안 이랄라사발 아르끼떽또스
바닷가 도서관_벡터 아키텍츠

Exploring the Divergent Forces of Swiss Architecture

Swiss architecture has a reputation for conveying quality and integrity. This status has been earned over centuries through generations of craftsmanship and engineering. Architecture in Switzerland displays an attention to detail, an intimate knowledge of materials and construction, and an ability to innovate within a specific historical and cultural context.
The culture of architecture in Switzerland and the divergent forces that propel the production of well-designed and well-executed buildings will be assessed in this essay. How do the current generation of Swiss architects draw on their rich architectural heritage, whilst at the same time gain inspiration from the latest tools that technology has to offer? How are age-old building techniques used and reinterpreted in a modern context? To what extent does the use of natural resources play a role in construction? The exploration of these questions reveals an intricate interplay of forces that have resulted in a collection of powerful buildings whose influence radiates beyond the confines of the small, landlocked country.
Written by Anna Roos

New Community Library

The projects presented within this chapter provide an opportunity to have a closer look at the ever-changing meaning of the library, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Community libraries have come a long way from their former cliché image of an old building with dimmed light and endless rows of heavy wooden bookshelves. Their role is extending rapidly alongside steady major shifts in societal and technological environments, as well as the increasing array of community needs, custom and services. New libraries are progressively seen as pivotal to place making civic identity and cultural revitalisation. They also announce a new mind-set in taking responsibility for the stability of nature, health of library users and staffs, and catering for the needs and interest of future generations of users. And remarkably, the four presented projects all profited from the fact that globalisation has been accompanied by a growing quest for local identity and meaning, allowing these projects to show a comprehensive range of answers for the planning and delivering a successful community library.
Written by Tom Van Malderen