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단행본 구매문의
Campus Architecture

HyeHwa Culture Center, DaeJeon University / H-Sang Seung
Dormitory for DaeJeon University / HyunSik Min + KiOHun
College of Architecture, Art and Music, PaiChai University / ByoungSoo Cho
International Center, PaiChai University / Kerl Yoo
School of Architecture at SeoUl National University / YoonGyoo Jang + UnSangDong
DaeGu Health College / JongKyu Kim
Aqua-Forum, HanYang University, AnSan Campus / EunYoung Yi
International Education Center, KookMin University / KwanYoung Choi + DongMyeong Cheong
Library of College of Medicine, PoChon CHA University / H-Sang Seung
SoongSil University Engineering Building / HakSik Son + Kenneth SungJin Min + JaeHyun Yang
Library of HanSung University / SangLeem Lee + SeomHoon Oh
SeoUl Institute of the Arts / JaiWon Jo + TaeYong Yoo
The Korean National University of Cultural Heritage / HyunSik Min
MACC Multi Activity Center for DaeJeon University / HyunSik Min + KiOHun
Humanisties & Social Science College, DongShin University / Il Choi + HongGeun Park