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Iberian Silver
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Dwell How
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Bamboo Architecture
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032  30th Anniversary Memorial Building of DaeJeon University
       _ Seung, H - Sang
      Constructed Nature _ Hyuk Khang

Iberian Silver
058 Inviting Engagement _ Alison Killing
064 Houses for Elderly People _ Aires Mateus
080 Santa Rita Geriatric Center _ Manuel Ocaña Architecture and Thought Production Office
092 Diocesan Priests House _ Andrés Jaque + Enrique Krahe + Miguel de Guzmán

Dwell How; The Interstitial Element
148 The Interstitial Element _ Silvio Carta
150 House in Meco _ Jorge Mealha
160 Maison L _ Christian Pottgiesser Architecturepossibles

Dwell How; Second Life
170 Second Life _ Alison Killing
174 Shima Kitchen _ Architects Atelier Ryo Abe
184 Ruíz Cottage _ Momo Estudio
192 La Finca _ UXUS
196 The Ivy House _ SPEAC

Bamboo Architecture
104 Framed in Cane _ Simone Corda
110 Suoi Re Village Community House _ 1+1>2
120 Green School _ PT Bamboo Pure
132 Bamboo Structure Project _ Rai Studio
136 El Camión Restaurant _ Llona + Zamora Arquitectos, Fernando Mosquera
140 Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility _ De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop
146 Club Med _ Édouard François

Iberian Silver

Inviting Engagement
Care homes for the elderly could be described as a sort of fusion between hospital and hotel, a comparison which touches on the need for varying levels of care and assistance required by different residents. The analogy is lacking however, failing to take into account a crucial difference – the need for independence and autonomy amongst the long term residents of care homes. The three projects presented here are notable for the way in which they attempt to humanise these institutions.  They are playful and often colourful. They invite interaction and they provide space which residents can occupy in ways of their own choosing. The projects featured are: the Santa Rita Geriatric Centre in Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain, by Manuel Ocana; Casa Sacerdotal Diocesana in Plasencia, Spain, by Madrid practice Andre Jacques Arquitectos; and Aires Mateus Arquitectos' home for the elderly in Alcacer do Sal, Portugal. Written by Alison Killing

Bamboo Architecture

Framed in Cane
Innovation has always been an essential factor in any important change within architecture. When evaluating technological impacts, it is no longer possible to assess this in absolute terms. Despite the fact that the modern myth of progress fell decades ago, global architecture still follows its ambition of high technology at all costs. However, an architecture that lacks a pulse and hunger for change risks losing its interactive role within society. Materials like bamboo challenge these simplistic points of view by offering high performance and the expressive possibilities associated with a low degree of technology, with the final achievement of poetry. Analyzing projects such as the ‘Bamboo Structure Project’ by Rai Studio, ‘El Camion Restaurant’ by Llona+Zamora Arquitectos and Fernando Mosquera, ‘Suoi Re Village Community House’ by Kien Viet, ‘Green School’ by PT Bamboo Pure and the ‘Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility’ by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop, it is possible to show how this way of thinking leads towards a real sustainability.
Written by Simone Corda