Dwell How
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Vernacular and Contemporary
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Urban How
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School: Asserting New Foroms
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National Archive Museum in Mexico _ at 103+Alejandro Hernández G.+Hugo Sánchez
ShenZhen Guosen Securities Tower _ Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto
Project Umbrella _ Aleksandra Danielak+Ralph Bertram+Constantin Boincean
Glorieta Juan Carlos I in Mula _ ESC Studio
NFU and SZU Technology Park _ Jaeger and Partner Architects+SA_i

Dwell How: New Houses in Portugal
Emerging Trends in Contemporary Portuguese Residential Architecture _ Fabrizio Leoni
House in Sobral Da Lagoa _ Bak Gordon Arquitectos
House in Paço de Arcos _ Jorge Mealha
House in Porto _ Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira
House in Lagos _ Mário Martins Atelier

Vernacular and Contemporary
A Journey in the Shadow _ Diego Terna
Hunsett Mill _ ACME
Restoration of an Alpine Barn _ EXiT Architetti Associati
To Dialogue with Nature _ Lixiaodong Atelier
Restaurant at Greenville _ Dream Space Architect+s

Urban How
Building Urban Identity _ Andrea Giannotti
PH House _ Estudio Borrachia
Two Houses in Orsara _ Raimondo Guidacci
School of Music, Arts & Crafts in Chaves
_ Contemporânea - Manuel Graça Dias + Egas José Vieira Arquitectos
Cascade Commercial Center_ Radionica Architekture
Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center_ Cristián Fernández Arquitectos + Lateral Arquitectura & Diseño
A Living Connective Tissue _ Simone Corda

School: Asserting New Forms
School: Asserting New Forms_ Marta González Antón
The Evelyn Grace Academy in London _ Zaha Hadid Architects
Secondary School in Rafal _ Grupo Aranea

Vernacular and Contemporary

A Journey in the Shadow
LSD, black
Benjamin L. Willard sails, with his four companions, along the Nung River toward Cambodia – a slow journey, unsustainable, which throws the spectator to the claustrophobic anxiety of the wet dark of the jungle; a devastating journey, an LSD hallucination on the contrary, in which all colors are replaced by the lack of them.
It is 1979 and Francis Ford Coppola, with the movie 「Apocalypse Now」, pours into the film the worries of a harassing search, set in a place and time where pure madness is the norm and the unfolding events are altered by the perceptions affected by the fanaticism and mental disorder that destroy the young soldiers.
And so Willard sails, trying desperately to find Colonel Kurt, not only physically, but also and above all, mentally – to grasp its essence, its soul. He will find him at the point where the madness is at its peak, with no face, a black oval that shows only one ear, a jaw, and then complete darkness.
Written by Diego Terna
Building Urban Identity

Building Urban Identity
Making a City
While walking by the streets of a city, we use to observe the life of people, their habits and
attitudes, and the relation that this urban life has with the buildings and the public spaces: how inhabitants and visitors use, enjoy, spend time in that complex environment. Focusing, we could realize and understand how strong is the link between the culture and the physical elements of the city, buildings, squares, streets, but also abstract elements as light and shade, atmosphere. Every city is built according to the times and to the culture of its population. Every intervention has been conceived and realized according to a specific need, and with a vision on the future. In most cases, the making of a city is not a linear process, but evolves from sudden historical and economical changes, political interruptions, boundary expansions, demolitions and renewals. In any case, this fact influences the actual urban and architectural setting of the city, being either a small town or an enormous metropolis.
Andrea Gianotti