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Working Different for Industry
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C3 no.311 1007

Östberget / 42 Architects
Alpha Project / XVStudio
Seoul Gangnam District Design Masterpiece Housing Competition
A3, A5 Block / Riken Yamamoto
A3, A5 Block / Frits van Dongen
A4 Block / Minah Lee

Pompidou Center in Metz _ Shigeru Ban Architects + Jean de Gastines Architectes
The Imaginative Power of Architecture_ Text by Andrea Giannotti
Agave Library in Phoenix _ Will Bruder+Partners
Cowboy Front for Culture_ Text by Alan Rapp

To Graft
To Graft / Diego Terna
Salins-les-Bain Salt Museum / SCP Malcotti-Roussey + Thierry Gheza
Salins-les-Bain Restaurant / SCP Malcotti-Roussey
New Head Office for the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales / Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp
Meditation Center in Water Tower / Rocha Tombal Architecten
Renovation of Boiler Room in University Hospital of Coimbra / João Mendes Ribeiro + Cristina Guedes
Malmö Museum of Art / Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
Kraanspoor / OTH-Ontwerpgroep Trude Hooykaas

Working Different for Industry
Working on a Different Way / Marco Atzori
University of Liverpool Heating Infrastructure / Levitt Bernstein Associates
Navi Mumbai Warehouse / Khanna Schultz
Almazara Olisur Olive Oil Factory / Guillermo Hevia Architects
Chemical Laboratory Building in University of Alcalá / Héctor Fernández-Elorza
Melbourne Zoo Water Recycling Plant / Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design
Skive CHP Station / Arkitektfirmaet C.F. Møller

Creating Architecture through Landscape / Silvio Carta
Neuroscience Institute in Castilla y Leon
Portuguese Agricultural Research Center_Ciale

오스트 산 / 42 아키텍츠
알파 프로젝트 / XV스튜디오
서울 강남지구 디자인시범 주거단지 국제공모
A3, A5 블록 / 리켄 야마모토
A3, A5 블록 / 프리츠 반 던겐
A4 블록 / 이민아

메쓰 퐁피두 센터_ 시게루 반 아키텍츠
상상력의 건축_ 글 안드레아 지아노띠
애리조나 피닉스 어게이브 도서관_ 윌 브루더 앤 파트너즈
카우보이식 문화 최전선_ 글 앨런 랩
이어가기_ 디에고 떼르나
살랭레뱅 제염소 개축 소금 박물관_ SCP말코티-로제+티어리 게자
살랭레뱅 제염소 개축 레스토랑_ SCP말코티-로제
화폐주조공장 개축 역사 문화관_ 프란시스-존스 모어헨 쏩
배수탑 개축 명상 센터_ 로차 톰발 아키텍튼
코임브라 대학병원 보일러실 개축 예술학부 건물_ 쥬아오 멘즈 리바이로+크리스티나 게츠
전기 발전소 개축 말뫼 현대 미술관_ 탐 앤 비데고드 아키텍터
기중기 구조물 개축 사무소_ OTH 오트레아푸 투르드 호이카스

새 시대의 산업건축
산업 건축의 새로운 작업 방식_ 마르코 아쪼리
리버풀 대학의 에너지 시설_ 레빗 번스타인 어쏘씨에이츠
나비 뭄바이의 창고_ 칸나 슐츠
알마사라 올리수르 올리브 오일 공장_ 기예르모 에비아 아키텍츠
알깔라 대학 화학 실험실_ 엑또르 페르난데스 엘로르사
멜번 동물원 물 재생 시설_ 피터 엘리엇 아키텍쳐+어반 디자인
덴마크 스키브 열병합 발전소_ 아키텍트퍼밋 C.F.뮐러

비센떼 누녜스
풍경으로 건축하기_ 실비오 까르따
까스띠야이레온의 신경과학연구소
포르투갈 농업연구센터

To Graft

To Graft
10 years later, an album
Sometimes you must wait ten years to listen to a masterpiece.
Sometimes it doesn’t happen. Sometimes your name is The Beatles and you churn out milestones once a year.
But sometimes you must wait, perhaps ten or eleven years.
In 1998, Portishead released the CD Live in Roseland New York, a collection of live performances from their astounding first two albums. The Bristol revolution seems to have ended here, with a very brief production, despite the following work by Massive Attack, Tricky and other groups on the Bristol music scene.
Yet, more than ten years later than last unedited collection, Third seems a repetition of a miracle: songs that fit into one another, the creation of an emotional atmosphere and some songs that stand out as masterpieces.
Written by
Diego Terna

Working Different for Industry

Working on a different way
The industry, infrastructure and the place of production itself are major topics that characterized the architecture of the 1900s. Their conception gave built forms to social and economical processes that were manifested during the previous century in centers of production where the new productive cycles and the new organizations of living and working overlapped.
Some of the most important works of the beginning of the nineteen hundreds, where the concept of the industry was materialized, established a language and a set of aesthetics of reference for the development of architecture in last two centuries. The expressive potentialities of energy production plants or mass-production industries had inspired the constructivist language, fascinating big names like Le Corbusier, as could be read into the works of Behrens, Gropius and Mendelsohn who achieved symbolic buildings for the next generations among which are the industry of turbines AEG, the Hermann & Co. hat factory in Luckenwald or the Power-house of the "Red Banner" Textile Factory, St. Petersburg
Written by
Marco Atzori