Fore Story
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Wood for Future
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Urban Mediaspace / schmidt hammer lassen architects
Digital Origami - Ce.Te.S Center / AKA architetti
Shenzhen 4 Tower in 1 / Steven Holl Architects
The living brige / Marchi Architectes
Flowing Gardens - International Horticultural Fair in Xian / Plasma Studio

Fore Story
Fore Story / JiNa Park
Diaphaner Raum / Kalher-Korschildgen Architekten
Rietberg Museum Rebuilding and Extension / ARGE Grazioli Krischanitz
Manresa City Hall New Entry and Facade / ADD + Arquitectura
Bergen-Belsen Memorial Info Center / KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architekten
Infobox Route Charlemagne / Maurer United Architects

Wood for Future
The Future is Wood / Silvio Carta + Stefano Tesotti
Explora Hotel, Easter Island / Jos?Cruz Ovalle
The Ananti Golf & Hot Spring Resort / Ken Min Sung Jin
Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center / Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
The Cathedral of Christ the Light / Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
BIP Computers / Alberto Moz?126 Espace Nordique for Biathlon / Tectoniques
Multipurpose for Mentally Retarded Youth / Sielfeld & Vergara Arquitectos
Piano Pavilion / Wingardh Arkitektkontor AB
The Lantern / Atelier Oslo + AWP
Marcus Prize Pavilion / Barkow Leibinger Architects

어반 미디어스페이스 / 슈미트 해머 라센 아키텍츠
디지털 종이접기 - Ce.Te.S 센터 / AKA 아르키떼띠
네 개의 마천루를 하나로 / 스티븐 홀 아키텍츠
삶의 터전, 다리 / 마르치 아키텍츠
흐르는 정원 - 시안 국제 원예박람회 / 플라스마 스튜디오

거쳐가는 데
거쳐가는 데 / 박지나
빛의 파빌리온 / 칼회퍼 코르쉴드겐 아르히텍텐
리트베르크 박물관 증축 / ARGE 그라씨올리 크리슈니츠
만레사 시청의 새로운 입구와 파사드 / 바일로 룰 + ADD 아르키떽뚜라
베르겐 벨젠 기념관의 정보센터 / KSP 엥엘 운트 짐머만 아르히텍텐
샤를마뉴 길의 안내소 / 마우러 유나이티드 아키텍츠

나무가 미래다 / 실비오 까르따 + 스테파노 떼소띠
이스터 섬의 엑스플로라 호텔 / 호세 크루즈 오발레
금강산 아난티 골프 & 온천 리조트 / 켄민성진
크레이그 토마스 방문자 센터 / 보린 키윈스키 잭슨
빛의 그리스도 대성당 / SOM
BIP 컴퓨터 사옥 / 알베르토 모조
바이애슬론 센터 / 텍토니크
지적장애 청소년을 위한 다목적실 /시엘펠드 & 베르가라 아르키텍토스
피아노 파빌리온 / 윈고르드 아르시텍트콘뚜루
나무로 만든 초롱 / 아뜰리에 오슬로 + AWP
마르쿠스 파빌리온 / 바르코 라이빙거 아키텍츠

Fore Story

What if a story is given to transitional space?
The courtyard of Monastery Wedinghausen, built in the 1170s, has a space full of light now. The Light Pavilion replaced the south wing demolished in 1885. Visitors are naturally led to the courtyard through the pavilion. The architect planned the facade with transparent glass, making the courtyard look bigger. At night the pavilion itself becomes a giant light with internal lighting on, illuminating the entire courtyard and enhancing spiritual experience.
by JiNa Park
Wood for Future

In the beginning was the wood - or at least the wooden hut. For Vitruvius, the wooden hut was the origin of all architecture. Centuries later the great theoretician of French Illuminism, Marc-Antoine Laugier, suggested that the hut was the archetype of all buildings. The Abbe Laugier's primitive hut, it is said, was constructed from short lengths of thin tree-trunks, interwoven to form a rudimental shelter. Only the historians can say how timber building really originated, but what we do know is that where wood is available, it has always been used systematically. Wood has always been recognised as a material whose surprising physical properties make it adaptable for many purposes. It is easy to work, and at the same time exceedingly good at performing structural, enclosing, and decorative functions that often also carry significant symbolic meanings. Being a natural material, wood is associated with the cycles of the seasons and is therefore perceived as "alive".
Written by Silvio Carta, Stefano Tesotti