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Bicentennial of the Independence Plaza / SPRB Arquitectos
Mystetskyj Arsenal Cultural - Art and Museum Complex / Arata Isozaki & Associates
LM Harbor Gateway / Steven Holl Architects
Human Pump - One Step One Drop / GunWook Nam + YunHee Lee

Contextual  to Regional
Resort HoteL
Resort Hotel ; Contextual to Regional / HongRyun Park
Arrebol Patagonia Hotel / Harald Opitz Jurgens
Juvet Landscape Hotel / Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor as
Hotel Finca el Retorno Ecological Refuges / G Ateliers Architecture
Strata Hotel - Extension to Residence Konigswarte / Plasma Studio
Hotel Aire de Bardenas / Emiliano Lopez & Monica Rivera Arquitectos
KUUM Hotel Spa and Residences / Global Architectural Development

HyoMan Kim
Shape of Nature / YuMi Hyun
Nature Saping / HyoMan Kim
Lamping the Regional Shadow
Island House
Purple Hill House
Purple Whale
MunWun Museum
PyeongChang Institute for Buddhism
Hill House
Green Hill Village

2008 Cross-Genre GyeongGi MoMA @ AnSan

멕시코 독립 200주년 기념광장 / SPRB 아르키텍토스
므쓰떼쯔크이 군사 유적 - 복합문화예술단지 / 아라타 이소자키 앤 어쏘시에이츠
코펜하겐 항구의 관문 - LM 타워 / 스티븐 홀 아키텍츠
휴먼 펌프 - 한 걸음 한 방울 / 남건욱 + 이윤희

지형과 지역성
지형과 지역성으로 지은 리조트 호텔 / 박홍련
아레볼 파타고니아 호텔 / 해럴드 오피츠 쥐르겐스
유베 랜드스케이프 호텔 / 옌센 앤 스코드빈 아르시텍트콘투르
대농원 속의 생태 쉼터 / G 아틀리에 아키텍쳐
스트라타 호텔 / 쾨에닉스바르떼 별장 증축 / 플라스마 스튜디오
아이레 데 바르데나스 호텔 / 에밀리아노 로페즈 앤 모니카 리베라 아르키텍토스
쿰 호텔 스파와 레지던스 / GAD

자연의 형상 / 현유미
자연을 닮은 건축, 건축을 닮은 자연 / 김효만
한국성과 시대성, 그리고 작가성
문운 박물관
평창 불교연구원

2008 크로스장르 _ 건축제안전 경기도미술관 @ 안산

Contextual   to Regional

Generally resort hotels are placed against magnificent natural landscape, but the result can be quite different depending on topographic context. Here are resort hotels around the world that embrace local geographic, historic and cultural characteristics.
"Hotel Aire de Bardenas" is located in a semi-desert area within Bardenas Reales de Navarraa National Park in Spain. Temperature is high and wind is strong in this region. The client asked for dry construction and reduced construction time, which was resolved by use of metal sandwich panels. In addition, the guest room complex was separately laid out considering the local environment including outlook, direction and wind.
by HongRyun Park

Shape of Nature

The small yard where internal and external spaces interact, the skip floor in line with the levels of the site, the tiny space at the end of a narrow corridor and a maze-like staircase and the wide open space that spreads in a moment. The building is acclaimed as Korean traditional space was embodied in a contemporary way - SPACE Group building by SwooGeun Kim (1931-1986), the first generation of Korean modern architects.
Architect HyoMan Kim has emphasized for years that his work experience at SPACE Group became the foundation of his architecture. His constructions contain stories of internal/external and vertical/horizontal spaces meet, interact, gather and disperse. Space transforms and diversifies through a cycle of penetration and circulation between internal and external spaces.
by YuMi Hyun