Departing and Meeting the Departed - Cemetery and Crematorium
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6 Projects

Design Competition for Post Disaster Provisional Housing _ What if New York City...?

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Dancing Water / Yeol Park + Angelo Tomaiuolo + Gianluca Littardi

Tirana Rocks / MVRDV

Danish Pavilion in Expo 2012 Shanghai / BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Departing and Meeting the Departed - Cemetery and Crematorium

Several Interventions in San Jos?Cemetery  / Jimenez Brasa Arquitectos

Armea Cemetery, Sanremo / Aldo Amoretti + Marco Calvi

Santo Stefano al Mare Cemetery / Aldo Amoretti + Marco Calvi + Giancarlo Ranalli

Ortona Cemetery / Giovanni Vaccarini Architetto

Pantheon in Espinardo / Clavel Arquitectos Asociados S.L.

Meiso no Mori Municipal Funeral Hall / Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects


Campus Restaurant with Auditorium / Barkow Leibinger Architects

Gatehouse / Barkow Leibinger Architects


Interview  Authorial Dissolution in Triptyque

Harmonia  57


Jarouche Houssein? Apartment

Tolerance Museum

JeonGok Prehistory Museum

Fidalga 727


Design Competition for Post Disaster Provisional Housing _ What if New York City...? 



댄싱 워터 / 박열 + 안젤로 또마율로 + 쟌루까 리따르디

티라나 호숫가의 바위 / MVRDV

2010 상하이 엑스포 덴마크 파빌리온 / BIG - 바르케 잉겔스 그룹

떠난 자의 공간, 다시 만나는 풍경

산 호세 공동묘지 / 히메네스 브라사 아르키텍토스

싼레모의 아르메아 공동묘지 / 알도 아모레띠 + 마르꼬 깔비

싼또 스떼파노 알 마레 공동묘지 / 알도 아모레띠 + 마르꼬 깔비 + 쟌까를로 라날리

오르또나 공동묘지 / 죠반니 바까리니 아키테토

에스삐나르도의 판테온 / 끌라벨 아르키텍토스 아소시아도스

메이조 노 모리 시립 장례식장 / 토요 이토 & 어소시에이츠, 아키텍츠


캠퍼스 레스토랑과 강당 / 바르코 라이빙거 아키텍츠

게이트 하우스 / 바르코 라이빙거 아키텍츠



들어보기  새로운 도시에서의 건축의 가능성

아르모니아 57


좌로시 호세인 아파트

관용의 박물관

전곡리 선사박물관

피다우가  727


재해난민주거 디자인 공모전 _ 만약 뉴욕에…?


Departing and Meeting the Departed - Cemetery and Crematorium

The Pere La Chaise Cemetery, where Frederic Chopin, Yves Montand and Oscar Wilde were put to rest, is a city for the dead. As Parisians say final goodbyes to their loved ones here, this place is checkered with love and memories and represents an absolute fact of life - death and the end of life. Besides mourners, many citizens also often visit here to read and stroll.

The San Jose Cemetery is situated between the trails that connect the Alhambra and Alixares Palace in Granada, Spain. The architect designed a new memorial facility to conserve the pre-existing old trails, the cemetery, and the palace garden. A massive crypt was located to form a wall at the edge of the hill and overlook the scenery of Granada. Some parts of the wall, which blocked the magnificent landscape, were replaced with three windows of different sizes. Thus, visitors can commemorate their deceased loved ones while looking down at surrounding sceneries of trees through these windows. A little ways away, a quiet space for commemoration called "Cemory of Granada" was built at the middle of the hill. In a dark internal space surrounded by concrete walls, glass partitions were erected through which light penetrates only vaguely, creating a holy and yet cozy atmosphere In the Garden of Alixares. Standing on the highest of the trails is a wood deck and a pond, constructed to offer quiet places for relaxation and meditation.
Written by SuJin Kim


Campus Restaurant with Auditorium

Barkow Leibinger Architects

This pavilion provides a new central cafeteria and event space for TrumpfÕs Stuttgart-based industrial campus and headquarters. Located at the east campus it is the new social center for the company for both blue and white-collar workers.

As part of a newly-landscaped park entrance sequence, it is located between the new gatehouse entrance and the A81 autobahn. The building is conceived of as a freestanding pavilion (as opposed to the nearby factories which are continuously expanded on) enhancing its role visibly on the campus as the event space it is intended for. The pavilion, with seating for 700, enables the companyÕs 2,000 employees to lunch around three time slots in the large central space with reserve seating in a mezzanine. When programmed for events, the space functions as an auditorium with seating for 800. The large canopy roof encloses 5,400 gross m2 (58,800 sq. ft.) of which 1,000 m2 (10,900 sq. ft) is given to the mezzanine level just above grade, which then opens out to a roofed-over outdoor terrace.

The canopy roof of the pavilion hovers over a large excavation, positioning the main level of the space at 4 meters below grade. This height is determined by the tunnel level of the campus, an infrastructure system that connects all buildings on campus for moving goods and personnel in all weather.

Written by Barkow Leibinger Architects


Barkow Leibinger Architects

A new gatehouse for the Trumpf machine tool company will provide the main security entrance for visiting clients, VIPÕs and employees near the factoryÕs office towers off the Johann-Maus-Strasse. As a visual frame it is a threshold to a new landscape plan, which unites the dis separate buildings constructed over the last 30 years.

To employ TrumpfÕs high-tech laser digital cutting tools, a unique and free standing building was completed. Laser cutting no longer ÒaccessorizesÓ our projects but contributes to essential construction. Beginning the project we recalled the earlier work of Jean Prouve who with his factory in Maxeville in the 50Õs was able to construct prototypical works of architectural where sheet metal contributed to entire building components including furniture, structure and glazing systems. Understanding this, our goal was to construct our building substantially of laser cut and welded sheet metal complimented by a glass curtain wall.
Written by Barkow Leibinger Architects