Brand and Identity
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Closing in on Nature - Natural Habitats
4 Projects

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Brand and Identity
Embodying Brand and Identity_Silvio Carta
New Headquarters for BBVA_Herzog & de Meuron

Hankook Technodome_Foster + Partners
Kolon Corporate and Research Headquarters_Morphosis
Amorepacific Headquarters_David Chipperfield Architects
Kiswire Busan Headquarters + F1963_BCHO Architects
Natura Headquarters São Paulo_Dal Pian Arquitetos
Merck Innovation Center_HENN

Closing in on Nature - Natural Habitats
Closing in on Nature - Natural Habitats_Heidi Saarinen
Bridge House_Llama Urban Design
Cloaked House_3r Ernesto Pereira
One Year Project_Life Style Koubou
Moenda House_Felipe Rodrigues

브랜드와 건축
브랜드와 건축_실비오 까르따
BBVA 신사옥_헤르조그 앤 드 뫼론
한국타이어 테크노돔_포스터 앤 파트너스
코오롱 원앤온리 타워_모포시스
아모레퍼시픽 본사_데이비드 치퍼필드 아키텍츠
고려제강 부산 사옥 + F1963_조병수건축
레고의 집_BIG
나뚜라 상파울루 본사_달 피앤 아르끼떽또스
머크 이노베이션 센터_헨

자연 속 집의 자세
자연에 가까이 다가가다 - 숲속의 집_하이디 사리넨
다리를 닮은 집_라마 어반 디자인
숲속 비밀의 집_쓰리알 에르네스또 페레이라
일 년 동안 지은 집_라이프 스타일 코보
숲으로 둘러싸인 집_펠리삐 호드리게스

중계본동 주택재개발정비구역 공동주택 국제지명설계공모
창동·상계 창업 및 문화산업단지 조성사업 국제설계공모
잠실종합운동장 주경기장 리모델링 국제지명초청 설계공모
2018년 젊은 건축가상 수상자 발표

The projects featured in this issue illustrate how architecture can be used to convey a strong message about a company and its brand. The several buildings here presented can be seen as the ultimate manifestation of the corporate image that characterises each company. From cosmetics to tires and from textile to banking corporations, these global companies and the architects they employed worked together to create buildings that not only affirm their physical presence in the urban contexts in which they sit, but they also render the mission, ethos and values for which these companies stand. In this section we will see how different architects used architecture to materialise each company’s identity. 
written by Silvio Carta  

Four residential projects, often in remote locations in all corners of the world, are reviewed in this essay. Designed for placement into the very midst of nature, each project has its own unique site-specific narrative, all having encountered a varying degree of challenges during the design process and beyond. Overall, the constraints and processes have altogether unquestionably paid off, as the buildings continue to integrate, mature and morph into their dramatic surroundings long into the future. Perhaps there is a deeper connection with nature, when living in the natural environment as one ‘equal’ part of the wider eco system. Use of locally sourced, natural, often handcrafted materials add to the authenticity of contemporary rural living. The projects come completely equipped with the necessary components for contemporary living in these types of locations. Open plan, clutter free spaces become tranquil viewing ports and comfortable hideaways. written by Heidi Saarinen