Fundamentals for Sustainability
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Fundamentals for Sustainability
Fundamentals for Sustainability_Paola Sassi
Sustainable Design - Planning Human Wellbeing_Isabel Potworowski

YB House_MASA Architects
Bedales School of Art and Design_Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
A’tolan House_Creat + Think Design Studio
Dave & Bella’s Headquarters_LYCS Architecture
The SIX Veterans Housing_Brooks + Scarpa
Nature & Environment Learning Centre_Bureau SLA
Tumble Creek Cabin_Coates Design Architects
Green Heart Marina One Singapore_Ingenhoven Architects
Bloomberg’s New European Headquarters_Foster + Partners
Rijnstraat 8_Ellen van Loon / OMA
Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa_Steven Holl Architects
Campus Hall, University of Southern Denmark_C.F. Møller Architects
University of British Columbia’s AMS Student Nest_DIALOG + B+H Architects
Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove Federal Building_Krueck + Sexton Architects

지속 가능하기 위해 정작 중요한 것들
지속하기 위해 정작 중요한 것들_파올라 사씨
‘웰빙’을 위한 지속 가능 디자인의 조건_이자벨 포트워로우스키

예르바스 부에나스 주택_마사 아키텍츠
비데일즈 예술학교_페일든 클렉 브래들리 스튜디오
아톨란 주택_크리에잇 + 띵크 디자인 스튜디오
데이브 앤 벨라 본사_LYCS 아키텍쳐
더 식스 임대주택_브룩스 + 스카르파
암스테르담 자연 환경 교육센터_뷰로 SLA
텀블계곡 별장_콧츠 디자인 아키텍츠
마리나 원 초고층 복합단지_인겐호븐 아키텍츠
런던 블룸버그 본사_포스터 앤 파트너스
레인스트라트 8 공공청사_엘렌 판 론 / OMA
아이오와 대학교 미술대학_스티븐 홀 아키텍츠
덴마크 남부대학교 학생 기숙사_C.F. 뮐러 아키텍츠
브리티시 컬럼비아 대학교 학생회관_다이어로그 + B+H 아키텍츠
벤자민 그로건 앤 제리 도브 연방정부청사_크룩 + 섹튼 아키텍츠

Fundamentals for Sustainability

How do we want to live? What is a good life? These are fundamental questions that should underpin any design investigation into sustainable architecture. Architecture responds to human needs but can also provide a framework for living that facilitates and encourages specific behaviours and lifestyles. Architects and other built environment professionals therefore have opportunities and indeed a responsibility to create environments for sustainable living. This paper argues that to achieve a sustainable built environment that supports a sustainable future, professionals have to go beyond technical solutions and consider what drives human behaviour, and furthermore that effective sustainable solutions can only result from a deep evidence-based understanding of the fundamental needs and desires of stakeholders and the design and technical solutions.
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written by Paola Sassi

Sustainable Design - Planning Human Wellbeing

Sustainability is like happiness. On the one hand, it is necessary for the continued thriving of humanity and, as such, something that we have always sought. On the other hand, it has come to mean anything and everything to anyone and everyone. It is one of the most popular buzzwords of architectural discourse, sometimes being reduced to a marketing ploy. How have we come to this paradoxical situation? Why is sustainability important especially today, and what role does architecture play? An overview of recent projects shows the various ways in which architects approach this issue. These include the preservation of a building’s natural surroundings, considerations relating to flexibility and building re-use, using sustainable materials, and passive design for energy efficiency. The role of architecture extends beyond energy and material optimization, however; it encompasses the much broader aim of human wellbeing.
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written by Isabel Potworowski