Wood - More than Wood
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Choose Small
- Harmonize Need and Will

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208p / pur & jacket / USD 34
240면(국내정보 포함) | 38,000

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Hiedanranta Innovation Bay_Schauman & Nordgren Architects + Mandaworks
Chelyabinsk Development Masterplan_de Architekten Cie. + Felixx
Feyenoord City Masterplan_OMA

Wood - More than Wood
Wood, A Sentiment and Technology from Nature_Aldo Vanini
Biodiversum Information Center_Valentiny hvp Architects
Twisted Holiday Houses_Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

Awel Workshop in Andelfingen_Rossetti + Wyss Architects
House C_HHF Architects
Washington Fruit & Produce Co. Headquarters_Graham Baba Architects
House of Switzerland Pavilion 2016_Dellekamp Arquitectos
Shitang Village Internet Conference Center_AZL Architects
Greenland Icefjord Center_Dorte Mandrup A/S
Rosewood Tower_Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Skellefteå Cultural Center_White Arkitekter
‘A Thousand Yards’ Pavilion_Penda Architecture & Design

Choose Small - Harmonize Need and Will
Choose Small – Harmonize Need and Will_Paula Melâneo
Social Housing in Pamplona_Pereda Pérez Arquitectos
Breiner 310_EZZO
Tadeo 4909_Proyecto Cafeína
ColiRoma 128_Arqmov Workshop
Afife Houses_António Fernandez Architects

히에단란타 항만지역 개발 마스터플랜_샤우만 앤 노드그린 아키텍츠 + 만다웍스
첼랴빈스크 도시 개발 마스터플랜_드 아키텍튼 씨 + 펠릭스
페예노르트 경기장 마스터플랜_OMA

나무, 그 이상의 가치
나무, 자연의 감성과 기능_알도 바니니

솅겐 생태 안내소_발렌티니 hvp 아키텍츠
플로세 산장_베르마이스떼르울프 아키텍튼
취리히 수로 건설 작업장_로쎄티 + 비스 아키텍츠
저예산 목조 주택_HHF 아키텍츠
워싱턴 ‘프룻 앤 프로듀스’ 본사_그레이엄 바바 아키텍츠
멕시코-스위스 수교 70주년 기념 파빌리온_델레깜프 아르끼떽또스
시탕 마을 컨퍼런스 센터_AZL 아키텍츠
그린란드 피오르 방문자센터_도트 맨트홉 A/S
상파울루 로즈우드 타워_아뜰리에 장 누벨
스켈렙테오 문화센터_와이트 아키텍터
‘천 개의 마당’ 파빌리온_펜다 아키텍쳐 앤 디자인

작게 살기
소규모 도시 공동주택 - 필요와 의도의 조화_파울라 멜라네오

빰쁠로나 공동주택_뻬레다 뻬레즈 아르끼떽또스
브라이너 310_에쪼
타데오 4909_프로옉또 까페이나
콜리로마 128_아크모브 워크샵
아피페 공동주택_안토니오 뻬르난데스 아키텍츠

‘윤승중_건축, 문장을 그리다’ 전
세운상가군 재생사업 공공공간 국제지명현상
2017 근대 도시건축 Re-Birth 디자인 공모
2017 젊은 건축가상 수상자 발표

Wood, A Sentiment and Technology from Nature

Wood naturally incorporates a sophisticated ‘biotechnology’ that allows you to follow the strength lines of the applied loads while maintaining the lightness and slimness of the construction elements. These structural features are combined with excellent aesthetics and physical-technical qualities making it a first-rate constructive material, that comes in a wide variety of color, texture, and grain. Wood, however, is much more than that. It was the first material available to man, along with stone, and since then has accumulated meanings which are still recognized today by architectural cultures all over the world. These cultures have established an almost sentimental relationship of trust and confidence with wood, both when used according to traditional patterns as well as in contemporary forms and design experiments. The examples shown demonstrate the potential of wood in a wide range of applications and contexts, always allowing for optimal environmental integration. written by Aldo Vanini

Choose Small - Harmonize Need and Will

More than luxury, building large housing spaces in urban areas today means a large consumption of resources — financial, material, environmental, etc. A contemporary urban lifestyle, more mobile and transitory, demands thinking about new strategies for housing, where the concept of temporary or short-term occupation is prominent. Building small housing spaces is a solution that has already been adopted for a few decades now by some cities with high urbanization rates or high population density (and sometimes taken to an extreme), such as Hong Kong or Tokyo. At the base of this choice are essentially the lack of space, economic strategies and functional perspectives.
The global fast expansion of urban areas and new social needs of the urban population, turn this into a discussion of the present. Flexibility, easy to adapt (and to adapt to), simplicity or informality, are some of the requirements to the architectural production when demanding for smaller and more practical dwelling spaces. Balancing need and will, to build small spaces for housing today could be a wise answer.
written by Paula Melâneo