The Habitable Wall
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Cities of the Dead
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Down to Earth
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Beirut Museum of Art_HW architecture
New Interactive Hub for RIAS Dundee_Studioshaw
Bao’an Art and Culture Center in Shenzhen_Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes + ECADI
Kunstsilo Museum in Kristiansand_MX_SI + Mestres Wåge Arquitectes

A New Roof for Verona’s Historic Arena_GMP + sbp

The Habitable Wall
The Habitable Wall. Two new linear projects in Italy_Richard Ingersoll
Feltrinelli Porta Volta_Herzog & de Meuron
City of Sun_Labics

Cities of the Dead
Cities of the Dead_Douglas Murphy
Cherry Orchard Cemetery Service Center_Field office
A Thousand Winds, Sian Memorial Park_Seung, H-Sang
Zorgvlied Crematorion_GROUP A
Charnel House in Ryusenji Temple_Love Architecture Inc

Down to Earth
Down to Earth_Alison Killing
Rore Kahu_Cheshire Architects
Vineyard House_blaanc
BE Friendly Space_H&P Architects
A House for Oiso_Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects
Ricola Herb Center_Herzog & de Meuron

베이루트 예술박물관_HW 아키텍쳐
던디 인터랙티브 허브_스튜디오쇼
선전 바오안 문화예술센터_콜드피 앤 어쑤씨에 악쉬텍츠 어베니스트 + 화둥건축디자인연구소
크리스티안산 쿤스트사일로 박물관_MX_SI + 메스트레스 보우게 아르끼떽떼스
베로나 원형극장의 새 지붕_GMP + sbp

도시 조직 속 새 벽
도시 조직 속 새 벽 - 이탈리아 선형 건축 2제_리차드 잉거솔

밀라노 펠트리넬리 신사옥_헤르조그 앤 드 뫼론
로마 '태양의 도시' 복합단지_라빅스

죽은 자들의 도시
죽은 자들의 도시_더글라스 머피

체리 과수원 묘지의 방문객 시설_필드 오피스
시안추모공원 '천의 바람' 묘역_승효상
조르흐블리트 크레마토리온_그룹 에이
류센지 봉안당_러브 아키텍쳐

흙집의 조건
흙집의 조건_알리슨 킬링

로 카후 기념관_체셔 아키텍츠
몬티주 포도밭 주택_블랑크
대나무와 흙으로 만든 주민센터_에이치 앤 피 아키텍츠
오이소 흙집_도렐 고트메 테인 아키텍츠
리콜라 허브 공장_헤르조그 앤 드 뫼론

여의나루 국제 설계공모 현장설명회
RCR 아르끼떽또스, 2017 프리츠커상 수상
세종시 국립박물관단지 국제공모전
평창동 미술문화복합공간 설계공모전

Cities of the Dead

Discussing his design for the Cemetery of San Cataldo, Aldo Rossi wrote: “The central concept for the cemetery was perhaps my realization that things, objects, buildings of the dead are not different from those of the living”. He was attempting to find his way towards an architecture that could not only speak about death in terms of individual memory but also cultural memory.
For Rossi, the way to achieve this was through allegorical means - architecture that played upon various types and themes from architectural history, stripped down and abstracted in the hope that they could connect with deeper memories that would be shared and recognised by all that came to the building.
It is this problem that makes building for the dead such a fascinating architectural challenge. The functions are generally simple, but the opportunities for architecture to communicate with its visitors on a sophisticated emotional and intellectual level, expressing moods that are generally absent from everyday life, is one of the purest forms of the architectural art. In this essay we examine some recent buildings that demonstrate the variety of different approaches to this question available to the contemporary designer. 
written by Douglas Murphy

Down to Earth

That contemporary architects only rarely use rammed earth construction is often put down to its inferior image, and yet, it has an impressive pedigree. Long stretches of the Great Wall of China were built from rammed earth, as was the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain. Mud has many advantages ro recommend it: the material is readily available; it is cheap; can bear substantial loads; has excellent thermal properties; and regularly produces beautiful results. These five projects show that earth is versatile enough to produce exciting and attractive modern buildings. In which case, why don’t architects use it more widely? written by Alison Killing