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단행본 구매문의

Stedenbouw en ARCHitectuur

SeARCH stands for Stedenbouw en ARCHitectuur (Urban Planning & Architecture). Their projects are conceived as landscapes - the most essential and generous element. Without boundaries, landscapes are endless and open; they connect architecture with the urban, interior with exterior. Through the emphasis on landscapes, SeARCH promotes a high degree of sustainability and environmental awareness within their projects. Being Dutch, they are well aware of the scarcity of land and believe strongly in using this resource more intelligently in order to give “nature” more space to survive.

Between Naiveté and Idealism _ SeARCH  

The Significant Tweak _ Silvio Carta  


Hill-versum  Competition for Housing, Parking and Commercial Spaces on Former 'Circus Area', Hilversum, NL

Hide & Seek  Netherlands Embassy, Addis Ababa, ETH  

Westerijdok  Masterplan Mixed Use Program, Amsterdam, NL  

Poldernat, a ‘Droste Effect’  Housing Study in the Polder, NL  


Novo Nordisk  Conference and Activity Center, Hillerød, DK  

Villa KBWW  Private Double House, Utrecht, NL  

Re-arrange  Residential Development on an Artificial Island, Floriande, Hoofddorp, NL  

The Void  Synagogue for the Progressive Jewish Congregation, Amsterdam, NL  


Shrink to Fit  ‘Wolzak’ Farmhouse Extension and Renovation, Zutphen, NL

Sporting West  Clubhouse for a Netball Club at the Former Wester Gas Factory, Westerpark, Amsterdam, NL  

Culture Cluster  Museum at the Site of Fireworks Explosion, Roombeek, Enschede, NL  

Sunny Side Up  City Villa Extension and Renovation, Amsterdam, NL  

7 Freedom Square  Renovation and Extension of a Trades Building, Tbilisi, GEO  


The Hole  Holiday Home, Vals, CH  

Divide & Conquer  Car-Free Residential Development, Scherf 13, Leidsche Rijn, NL  

Morph  Retail Complex with Apartments, Blok 5, Almere, NL  

Link  Connecting Building, One Extension for Two Schools, Dordrecht, NL  


Tower Power  Tree-Top Observation Platform, Schovenhorst, Putten, NL 

High Tea  Posbank Pavilion in Veluwezoom National Park, Rheden, NL  

Soft Edge  Three Apartments and Offices, Zilverparkkade, Lelystad, NL  

Junior College  School Building for Secondary Education, Julianadorp, Den Helder, NL  

Nature Center  Study for Museum and Education Center along the Waal River in Nijmegen, NL