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단행본 구매문의

Strootman Landschapsarchitecten have developed a diverse and innovative oeuvre since the office was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their work integrates urbanism, cultural history, ecology, art and architecture within a landscape architectural framework. In this zone of confluence they collaborate with ecologists, architects, transportation planners, civil engineers, hydrologists and sociologists. This work takes the office from regional plans to garden design, from rural areas to the city, and from research to realization. The office is breaking new ground in the way it addresses landscape and design within large-scale, regional projects. The office combines thought with material craftsmanship; and strives for a certain earthy quality, warmth and playfulness. The distinguishing feature of their work is the overarching sense of the natural and the earthy: the user becomes immersed in the spatial, visual and temporal aspects of landscape, true to the genius of the place but without the work losing a distinct design sensibility.

Garden & Park
’Un Hommage à Lady Day’, Chaumont-sur-Loire, France
Stakenkamp Park, Oldenzaal
Park La Caisserie, Ans, Belgium
Boskamp Cemetery, Assen
Eusebiushof Arnhem

Forest & Park
Forest Design, Dorst
New Country Estate ‘De Wilddobbe’, Grolloo
Baena Promenade, Spain
New Village Green to Ugchelen
’t Kavelt, Mill and Sint Hubert

Maghtab National Park, Malta
Het Lankheet Water Purification Park
Two Structural Visions for Twente Airport

Historico-cultural Landscapes
Drentsche Aa Landscape Vision
Strubben Kniphorstbosch
Belvederes Drentsche Aa

Living in Water Landscapes
Dantumadeel – A New Town
Wieringen Passage
West Flank Haarlemmermeer

This book has been made possible by the support of the Netherlands Architecture Fund.